Cabinet Doors MDF
One-Piece MDF Doors & Drawer Fronts


  1. Q. Am I eligible for Trade discount if I work from home?
    • A. To be eligible for Trade discount, you must have one of the following conditions:
      1. Have a home improvement license.
      2. Have a registered company as a cabinet maker, home builder, or a contractor.
      3. Have a kitchen cabinet showroom or be a supplier of cabinet components.
  2. Q. What do you mean by MDF Unfinished?
    • A. Once machining is done, we will sand them up to 120 grit.
  3. Q. Can you make doors taller than 90"?
    • A. We can only do it if you pick up the doors from our manufacturing facility in Beltsville, MD. Additional charges may apply. Please call for details.
  4. Q. Do you make holes for hinges?
    • A. We can drill hinges. It will cost additional $16 (subject to Trade discount) per door for 2 hinges. For taller doors which require more hinges, add $8 per hinge. We will need exact dimensions for hinge drilling patterns. For doors e3, e4, e5, e6, e7 series, must specify hinge on left or right when facing the door. Need exact hinge drilling patterns.
  5. Q. Can you drill holes for handles or doors?
    • A. No, we do not drill holes for handles on doors and frankly we do not recommend it. This is one task that we think should be done by the installer at the site when all doors are installed.
  6. Q. Can you drill holes for handles on drawer fronts?
    • A. No, unfortunately we do not drill any holes due to the level of complexity.

    Shipping Related Questions

  7. Q. How do you ship the material?
    • A. Most orders will generally ship with common carriers. Materials will come to you on a pallet. This will ensure the lowest cost of shipping possible. You have to make sure that a tractor trailer can access your requested shipping address and preferably you should have a forklift available. It will make unloading the materials much easier.
  8. Q. How much should I add for shipping cost?
    • A. Shipping cost depends on the distance and the area (ZIP Code). Therefore, it could vary from job to job. You may contact a common carrier or call us at 301-832-4634 for an estimated sipping cost.

    Pick Up

  9. Q. What kind of a car do I need for pick up?
    • A. We recommend a van or a large car. Pick up trucks will be OK in good weather. Be sure the car is big enough to fit the doors.
  10. Q. Are the materials in boxes or packed in some way?
    • A. No, nothing will be in boxes or packed. This would allow you to check the quality, make it easier to load and will greatly reduce cost. However we will provide you with enough cardboard to put in between the parts. We will also help you to load up.


  11. Q. How many Saved Carts can I have?
    • A. As many as you like. There is no limit.
  12. Q. How do I open up a Saved Cart?
    • A.
      1. Login
      2. Click on the Saved Cart link on the top right hand corner of the screen.
      3. Select the cart you want to open from the ‘View Carts’ column.
  13. Q. Can I sort my Saved Carts?
    • A. Yes, simply click on the column heading to sort it by that column.
  14. Q. How long do you guarantee the price in a Saved Cart?
    • A. 30 days. However, if you edit an item in a Saved Cart, that item will get effected by any price change.
  15. Q. Can I search for a Saved Cart?
    • A. Yes, you may search by Job Name, Job No, Cart Saved Date or Saved Cart No.


  16. Q. My screen looks scrambled, what do I do?
    • A. This happens because of cache. Your computer has loaded an older version of the website. To clear this problem, press Ctrl and R keys simultaneously on the keyboard.
  17. Q. Are all prices for hinging and drilling drawer front handles subject to Trade discount?
    • A. Yes.